Best Portable Pen Display Tablet Monitor XP-Pen Artist 12 for Digital Artists Do you enjoy working with a natural creative experie...

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The expansion of the Internet has changed how artists communicate, connect and form communities. These important changes are giving artists the ability to create communities and institutions that reflect this new dynamic. Moderne et raffiné Le charme d'Artist 15.6 vient de sa silhouette moderne et raffinée. Le design plus fin et plus flexible est un émerveillement.

Chapter 7, Art and Money,  Cambridge Scholars Publishing 2015 ( This chapter discusses how a dealer gallery can work with artists to position their entry and participation in the international art world.     Working with t

Performance artists, VestAndPage, Verena Stenke (DE) and Andrea Pagnes (IT)  discuss their approach toward live performance versus film, their evolution toward performance art  and inspirational artists in an Artist Feature on Performance Is Alive.